Who is Empower Physiotherapy?



Empower Physiotherapy was set up by Clem Nihill with the intention of empowering people to achieve their own health improvements without building a reliance on health professionals.

Clem has an honest, realistic and evidence based approach to both physiotherapy and personal training. Through a combination of personal and academic experience and continued education, Clem has developed skills that many clients and sports teams have benefited greatly from over the past eight years.

Clem graduated university with a BSc Honours degree in Information Technology (2005) and MSc in Management Science (2007). In 2006, whilst in university, Clem began coaching sports teams part-time. Following university, a five year career working in business consulting and project management whilst battling ulcerative colitis led to frustration and poor health. In 2010, Clem re-trained as a personal trainer and neuromuscular therapist. The skills and knowledge gained here helped Clem reverse his ulcerative colitis and become medication free. Clem has since left the fast paced corporate career behind and now works to help others overcome their own personal battles. Clem completed a second MSc. in Physiotherapy at Queen Margaret University in 2015.

He has helped countless people in the past achieve their potential and reach their goals whether it’s on the playing field, battling debilitating illness or improving quality of life. Clem has worked as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, manual therapist and physiotherapist in four different countries including New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and the UK working with professional, semi professional and amateur athletes as well as general populations.

Personal and academic experience and knowledge together with an honest and no nonsense approach helps Clem guide his clients to help them achieve the change they wish to make in their lives.

Clem is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP), the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and an associate member of the UK Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA). He is also involved in research currently preparing a publication on self-efficacy and total knee replacement with Queen Margaret University.



Clem now works full time with the NHS as a physiotherapist and no longer offers services privately. This site is for blogging purposes only. Please see Health by Science who are local partners in Edinburgh if looking for personal training services or physiotherapy.

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