The Empower Philosophy

Physiotherapy Philosophy

The physiotherapy philosophy of Empower Physiotherapy is not to inspire a sense of loyalty to our services but to empower our customers with the knowledge and capabilities to help themselves now and into the future. This is our philosophy whether the client approaches us for physiotherapy, sports injuries or personal training. We believe that a model that grows a dependent relationship on the health professional has for far too long been pervasive in this industry. The vast majority of our customers in the past have very much welcomed this honest and no nonsense approach to health behaviour change. It shows that we are aiming to get you to a point where you no longer need us rather than aiming to keep you as a repeat customer in the long term.

The business model we adopt focuses on three main aspects in terms of a recovery strategy. Modern research in healthcare recommends adopting an approach that looks at three areas of a persons life in order to achieve successful outcomes. It is thought that our health, well being and illnesses are determined by the interaction of all three of these areas. These are the following and will be explained in a physiotherapy sense when treating pain;

Biological factors:

These factors are biological in nature and can include aspects such as genetics, congenital structures of the body, physical trauma, hormones, nutrition or disabilities.

Psychological factors:

These may include self-esteem, coping skills and self-efficacy. It involves looking at states of mind such as anger, helplessness and hopelessness and its contribution to a persons pain. Recent research has suggested that these thoughts and feelings can have quite a large role to play in a persons experience of pain.

Social factors:

This can include economic status, occupational status, opinions expressed by family members, friends or work colleagues. This could also involve stressors related to family or close friends that may be amplifying a pain in certain areas of the body.


Far too many physiotherapists focus soley on the structure and postures of the body and look for bio mechanical sources of pain when modern pain science fails to find a valid association. We are all very variable individuals with varied backgrounds, movement patterns and belief systems. Many of us experience pain with and without what might be termed ‘bad’ or ‘good’ posture, mobile and immobile joints, strong or weak muscles, damaged or undamaged tissues. Our aim is to figure out what it is with you as an individual that is creating a painful presentation and aim to see what works for you to resolve and manage that pain.

All three of these factors will be touched on throughout our interaction with our clients, to ensure we get the best possible outcome from the time you spend in clinic. Recent scientific research on pain suggests that understanding your pain is the best first course of action in order to get on the road to managing that pain. We aim to help you understand the cause of your pain as best as can be to start the process of recovery and help you self manage. We also encourage our patients to ask questions to ensure this understanding is as clear as possible. For more on how we aim to achieve that in physiotherapy, please visit the Empower Physiotherapy page.


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