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Intro Pathway

Empower are not like most other personal training companies. We do not prioritise the retention of our clients for the long term. We are working to provide you with the tools and a framework to make a sustainable change to your life for the better in terms of nutrition, movement, sleep, stress and mindset. This page will give you a brief description of what the initial process involves

All of our clients a very different goals, backgrounds and abilities. Due to these unique qualities of our clients, we do not offer a cookie cutter, once size fits all solution for all our clients. The direction we take is very much driven by your needs, not ours.

It is important however that a process is followed initially to discover where you are before we find out how to get to where you want to go. The following pathway describes what is involved in the first week we begin to work together.

Free Consultation

Empower Physiotherapy offer all prospective clients a free consultation where at least two trainers will meet with you to give you the opportunity to get to know us better. We discuss what you are looking to achieve and why you want to achieve it. This is a quite informal chat and usually does not last longer than thirty minutes. If you are happy with what is on offer then the journey begins. If you would like to arrange a free consultation, we would be very happy to see you. Just click on the Contact button above to get in touch.

Movement Assessment

Your first session will involve a complete assessment of how you move and what strengths and weaknesses you have in terms of mobility, stability and strength. Everyone, including us as trainers, have strengths and weaknesses in each of these areas. Its important to be aware of these to establish priorities for what we might look to work on in the initial few weeks. This initial assessment paints us a picture that allows us to then program a two day program for you which is used in subsequent sessions.

Nutrition Tracking

Contrary to popular belief you cannot out exercise a poor diet, nutrition is just as important as movement. Research has indicated that a combination of the two may be the best way to lose body fat. The first assessment session also includes a discussion around the topic of nutrition.  Empower use technology to help you track your food choices. This information is vitally important to both the client and the trainer to give us a big picture view of what your current diet looks like and what may need to be focussed on to make a sustainable change to improve that diet.

Habit Formation

Once a full week of food tracking has been recorded, we then choose what habit can be worked on to make a sustainable change to your weekly diet. At Empower we do not believe in counting calories and recommending diets. These invariably lead to increased stress from over complication and drastically reduce the chances of sustainable change. According to Leo Babauta, author of The Power of Less, making one change at a time greatly increases your chances of that change being a success. Adopting strict diets and calorie counting can lead to a number of changes being made to our lives greatly hindering our chances of those changes succeeding. Just as important is the view that even if these changes do succeed in the short term, how likely are they of becoming a habitual, unconscious action for the rest of your life. Choosing one simple habit that is measurable and consistent greatly helps our clients achieve a sustainable success making them feel fitter, healthier and more productive. For more information on this process, please click here.

Day 1 & 2 Program

Following the assessment, your second session with your trainer will take you through day one of your full body two day program. This involves coaching tips on how we carry out exercises efficiently and why we choose certain exercises in each day. Empower works to provide our clients with the knowledge required to carry out this work themselves into the future without relying on a personal trainer for years to come. We provide you with a template to work from which you can then use to create programs for yourself going forward. In your second session, you will receive a brand new program targeting all the movement patterns in our movement menu. This program will be progressed as weeks go by and reviewed at week 5/6.

Stress, Sleep & Mindset

At Empower we concentrate on five pillars of health and fitness. Nutrition and movement have been discussed above but stress, sleep and mindset are equally important. You exercise to force your body to adapt and make a better you. The majority of this adaptation take place when we sleep. If we do not recover sufficiently, we are continuing on a downward curve of catabolism (tissue breakdown)without the necessary anabolism (tissue repair and building) doing us far more harm than good. Stress can also play a part in disturbing this balance and we offer ways to try and limit stress in your life that will improve your well-being. We also work on the topic of mindset using theories put forward by Carol Dweck allowing us to embrace challenges which may help us develop rather than fearing and avoiding them.

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