The health, fitness and physiotherapy industries are constantly changing. What we do now with our clients could conceivably be proven inefficient in a years time through a consensus of evidence. With that in mind we consider it vitally important that we continue on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis to develop our understanding of these areas to ensure we are up to date with not just research but how the market is changing. The following is a list of useful resources that I personally use to keep informed.

Useful Resources

Whether you are a personal trainer, physiotherapist or general health and fitness enthusiast; I’m sure you will find some resources here very informative. The list contains books, blogs and podcasts that I consider very important. This is not to say that I just rely on these sources as my “evidence” for what we do. Sources like these, as beneficial as they are, are no substitution for respected journals and high quality research.

If you are looking to keep up to date on information I share on a regular basis from various online sources, please visit my Pinterest page here. Here you’ll find different articles under the five topics of nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and mindset (there’s a miscellaneous section too where I stick ramblings).



Personal Training/S&C


So I live in the city of Edinburgh and do not have a car (my current student status prevents it).  Due to that absence of wheels, I walk everywhere. I walk with large headphones strapped to my head making me look like I’ve just been teleported down from above (my headphones are about as inconspicuous as a pink elephant on rollerblades). While walking, I either use that time to listen to some of Michael Buble’s greatest classics or catch up on some knowledge bombs through the use of podcasts or audiobooks.

I probably have a list as long as my arm of podcasts that I keep in touch with but these are my favourites. All of which are free, I might add. So, very rude not to download them really.

fitcast podcast logo


The FitCast (aimed at both personal trainers and the general population)

I have been listening to Kevin Larrabee’s podcasts ever since I got into personal training and it has helped me hugely. Easily my “go-to” podcast if I have difficulty choosing what to listen to. This podcast is not only great for PT’s but the general public can gain a huge amount of information from it too.


performance podcast

The Performance Podcast (aimed at personal trainers and strength & conditioning coaches)

Will Fleming and Coach Dos do an awesome job at breaking down the nuts and bolts of various elements of performance training in the strength and conditioning industry. They mix up episodes or chat with interviews with various figures. if you are looking to further your understanding of the S&C area then in my opinion this podcast is the dogs bits.


Tony Gentilcores Blog (for both PT’s and general population)

This blog is all kinds of awesome. Tony’s writing style is something that I aspire to and his use of humour (and star wars references) makes it a very easy read. He is a very regular blogger so his content is updated almost daily. I can’t get enough of it.

Dean Somerset Blog (for both PT’s and general population)

This guy is one clever dude. Deans products Post Rehab Essentials and Ruthless Mobility really challenged the way I thought about exercise. The hip mobility sequence we use for most of our clients came from Deans blog originally and made me pursue mobility as a warm-up even further.

Eric Cressey Blog (for both PT’s and general population)

I could not talk about strength training blogs without mentioning Eric Cressey. This website and his YouTube channel is my go-to resource when I need some coaching tips on certain lifts. He works primarily with baseball athletes but his information is very relevant to the general public.

Habitry (aimed at coaches)

Empower Health & Fitness is a habit based personal training company. The Habitry website gives lots of very useful information on how to keep clients motivated through the use of simple habit forming to create a sustainable change.


Personal Development

I consider the following books to have had the greatest influence in both how I work with clients and in my life in general. This list is a work in progress too.

** I have been known amongst close friends to read at the speed of a three year old . Due to this unfortunate affliction, I much prefer listening to books than reading them. I use to download a book a month. It helps hugely (I do not have shares in Audible by the by).

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Mindset – Carol Dweck

Influence – Robert Cialdini

Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg



Physio Edge podcast – Well established Australian podcast

physio edge



UK based podcast from Jack Chew

physio matters podcast

Journal Club in podcast format reviewing various recent journals and topics from around the world.

PT Inquest podcast


The British Journal of Sports Medicine podcasts are short and to the point. Sometimes very important.

BJSM podcast


The Sports Physio

I think working in the Physiotherapy industry always requires an internal bullsh*t meter. Adam Meakins internal meter for bullsh*t is the best in the business. He takes a no nonsense approach to try and find out what really is happening with some of the interventions we are using. Well worth a read.

The Running Physio

Great blog aimed at clinicians and patients targeted at runners but very applicable to all populations with lots of recommendations.


Awesome resource for getting a consensus on evidence for topics ranging from ice/heat treatment to acupuncture to manual therapy. Also contains hundreds of self help articles for those struggling for information.


Very useful guide covering Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome from


NutritionDivas logo

The Nutrition Diva Podcast (aimed at the general population)

This podcast is perfect for those who want to condense their podcast lessons into ten minutes. The advice is very simple and usually evidence based. The host Monica Reinagel also has a soothing voice which kinda helps.

I cannot big up these guys enough. Empower Health & Performance try to provide clients with evidence based recommendations where possible. When it comes to supplementation, this is gold standard in my opinion. The guys at Examine are not affiliated with any supplement company and provide a consensus of evidence summary on most supplements on the market. There is not a week that goes by when I am not on this site.

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

With so much ulterior motives and biased opinion floating around in the nutrition industry these days, Dr. Spence is a refreshing face. He tries to provides unbiased opinion on various topics and even more importantly tries to push lifestyle changes over pharmaceutical interventions. Too often I find doctors general practitioners to medication as a quick fix for issues like obesity and depression without giving consideration to the benefits of exercise.

Precision Nutrition

We very much follow the Precision Nutrition model of coaching. At PN, it is less about counting calories and more about keeping the message simple and trying to form habits to get a sustainable change thus giving you much greater chance of success. The PN website is a great source of information for anyone interested in that very effective approach.


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