How can Empower Physiotherapy help me?

Empower Physiotherapy use many different treatment techniques to help relieve pain for our patients and allow them to manage that pain in a sustainable way into the future. This initially includes a thorough 45 minute assessment to rule out any sinister factors that may be contributing to your pain. The assessment will include physical tests to assess joints and muscles pertinent to the presentation and provide reassurance to the patient.

The majority of physiotherapy treatments involve good advice and education on the origins of pain and active interventions to help you manage that pain. Other techniques offered may also include manual therapy techniques like soft tissue massage, joint manipulation and mobilisation.

The aim of our interaction with you, the patient, is to ensure that answers are provided to the following four questions:

What is wrong with me?

Following a thorough assessment, the aim is to fully educate you on the contributing factors to your pain. It is very important that you clearly understand the reasons why you are experiencing the pain you present with. As mentioned previously, it is our aim to provide you with the tools and information needed to manage this into the future without relying on us any time you have a repeat experience. This can best be achieved by ensuring you know what is happening without using jargon difficult to understand.

How long will it take?

This is the more difficult question to answer as it can vary from person to person. We may not be able to provide a specific date but we can provide an expected time frame of recovery to allow you best manage your expectations and provide some hope that there is a way out of this. Using our knowledge of general tissue healing times we can invariably provide guidance on what to expect based on findings from the initial assessment. It is also important to know that the road to recovery rarely takes a linear ‘onwards and upwards’ fashion, we aim to help you manage navigating this road.

physiotherapy road to recovery

What can I (the patient) do for it?

This is the strength of what we provide. Self-care is the strongest possible way to achieving an upward trajectory in terms of recovery. There are countless studies on the benefits or active participation in recovery and it does not always have to be in a gym. We aim to show you how a clearer understanding and purposeful movement can help you manage your pain. There can be many unknowns abounding for people experiencing pain. Research has shown that the presence of these unknowns can limit your potential for recovery. Becoming more educated on the topic can make shorten recovery time frames. There are many self-treatment options available to try and reduce pain. The effectiveness of those options depend on the person. We aim to provide you with guidance as to what methods may be best for you based on our assessment.

What can you (the therapist) do for it?

We regularly aim to keep up to date with scientific consensus in the field of physiotherapy and continually aim to develop and question our own reasoning in order to provide our patients with the best possible service guided by the evidence on that subject area. As the therapist we can provide a plan of action to manage your symptoms. We aim to educate you to lay the groundwork for what you should and should not do. The intention here is to help reduce any fears or anxieties you may have around your pain. This helps us both agree goals to work towards to provide you with realistic expectations of how best to manage your symptoms. As mentioned previously, our patients rely on our expert opinion from the latest scientific literature and experience.

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