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Why we do it

Empower Physiotherapy aim to challenge the current prevalent business model of physiotherapy and personal training where practitioners focus just as much on client retention as they do on client results. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the knowledge and tools required to sustainably carry out the habits needed to live a healthier more fulfilling life. Retaining clients is not seen as a priority. Once clients are happy that the changes made to their lives are sustainable and habitual, clients are free to reduce their contact hours or become “on-demand” clients for program refreshers, advice or exercise coaching sessions. This business model has proven to be attractive to clients in the past and continues to attract new clients on a weekly basis. Many individuals need the guidance of health professional whether it be in exercise, nutrition or other areas of weakness but they should not need to rely on those physiotherapy or personal training for years to come. We aim to deliver sustainable knowledge removing this reliance.


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What we do

We focus on five pillars of our coaching process;Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Stress and Mindset. Every client we encounter is different in many ways. Some have no background in exercise or experience in a gym, some have a lot.

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Some lead stressful lives or careers, some do not. Some get ten hours a sleep a day and always feel refreshed, some find it difficult to get enough. Some embrace challenges, some fear them and would rather avoid them. Differences are what makes us all unique and should be accepted and embraced. If these areas are posing obstacles to a better, healthier and fitter you however, they need to be tackled in a way also unique to you. Using these five categories we are able to take a holistic approach to training you as an individual not just like any other client that decides to work with us. In general, most of us know what we should and shouldn’t eat but it is never that simple. We all encounter triggers in our lives that result in specific emotions. These emotions may be contributing to the obstacles that keep us from being the ideal version of us we want to be. We work on identifying those triggers and those resulting emotions. Our brains are not wired to handle the absence of action. It is vitally important to replace those emotions with other, more beneficial ones. We work together to help you find better responses to these daily triggers.


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How we do it

At Empower we use a habit based approach to personal training, implementing changes in nutrition, sleep and stress. By focusing on one habit at a time we greatly increase our chances of success. Adopting life changing, calorie restricted diet plans involves quite a number of changes to your daily pattern. This number of changes may work in the short term but the magnitude of th echange means your less likely to sustain it in the long run. Choosing one simple, realistic measurable habit  at a time gives you the greater chance of that change becoming an unconscious thought and part of your daily pattern.

When it comes to movement, we place a very large emphasis on quality over quantity. We ensure that you carry out all movement patterns efficiently to get the best results. We do not believe in hammering our clients with over zealous and overly demanding routines. Every workout will have a purpose and we aim to educate you to teach you why we choose the movements included in your program.

We use a range of tools to help our personal training clients achieve their goals. We use mobile apps for meal tracking to give us a big picture view of nutritional habits over the course of a week. This enables us to determine which habits to focus on. We use activity monitors to track activity outside of the gym to ensure you are getting your recommended average of 10,000 steps a day.

We also provide clients with their own heart rate monitors to ensure we work hard and recover adequately to get the best out of our workout sessions.

Technology gives us an important objective view of where you stand in terms of nutrition and exercise capacity. It  plays a key role in informing both trainers and clients where strengths and weaknesses exist. If you are interested in a demonstration of how we use these tools, please feel free to get in touch.

For more on the personal training process, please check out our “Start here” page to find out what the intitial process involves

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