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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Physiotherapy is a specific area within the field of Physiotherapy. It requires a working knowledge of the demands of that sport on the many systems of the body including muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular and nervous systems. With over six years of experience working with athletes from elite level right down to weekend five a side level, Empower Physiotherapy provides valuable support for the rehabilitation of injuries related to sport.

Sports injuries can be complex and time frames demanding. Rehabilitation requires active participation to improve the physical capacity of our clients to cope with the demands sport places on their bodies. Our background in strength & conditioning and personal training affords us quite a large body of information when it comes to exercise prescription. Our access to a fully equipped state of the art gym located in Edinburgh city centre also offers our clients a service not many other physiotherapists offer in such a central location.

Following initial assessment we can work closely with your coach, personal trainer, nutritionist and anyone else on your support team to get you back to competitive performance levels.

Some of the painful presentations we have helped people with in the past have included:

Lower back pain
Neck pain
Hip pain
Hamstring strain
Knee pain
ACL Repair
Ankle sprain
Achilles Tendinopathy
Golfer’s elbow
Tennis elbow
Shoulder pain
Frozen shoulder
Heel pain

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