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Massage Therapy

Our muscles are directly influenced by our nervous system. Without our nervous system, those muscles would just be slabs of meat. That feeling of tightness we may experience from time to time is therefore purposefully controlled by your nervous system in response to behaviours carried out on a day to day basis over time (chronic) or in recent weeks (acute).

Massage therapy has a great effect on your nervous system by facilitating relaxation and helping relieve that tension in your muscles. Research has also indicated that massage therapy can play a very beneficial role in the relief of chronic pain.

Sports massage services are offered with the depth determined by you the customer. The intention is to relax you, not to make you black and blue.

Vouchers can also be purchased for massage therapy sessions with us. These are offered for £35 for 45 minutes & £40 for one hour treatments.

Please get in touch here to arrange a therapy session.

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