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  • **For a video version of the blog below, have a look at the bottom of the page Mobility refers to our ability to move freely into various forms with limited stress on the body. Mobility along with strength and control is one of the fundamentals of movement and exercise. Being mobile means you have a […]

  • Building a gym on a budget

    By Clem | In Personal Training | on October 17, 2016

    Hi guys, Early this year I helped out in the design and build of a gym in the west of Ireland in my home club of Clonlara. The club were looking to renovate a hand ball alley and provide a cost effective facility for the players to become bulletproof beasts/all Ireland winning hurlers. The priorities were […]

  • The 10/10 effect

    By Clem | In Personal Training | on September 26, 2016

    Very quick blog post for you guys today and this one is more of a novel observation from a study on RPE I read recently. Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is widespread from professional sport to your commercial gym. It is used to gauge the intensity of a workout. It is a scale from 1 to 10 […]

  • A few years back as a personal trainer continuing along the road to discovery, I rocked up to the gym one early morning (6 god dam thirty…uugh) for a female client. This client was quite concerned about her weight, which equally was a concern for me as I thought she was bordering on being underweight. […]

  • Why Move?

    By Clem | In Personal Training | on May 18, 2016

    You would have been very lucky to live to see your 30’s in Palaeolithic times. Obviously this was down to a number of factors including advances in medicine, social status etc.  Back in the days of the origins of homo sapiens, our ancestors had to move in order to survive. Food was not plentiful and […]

  • Template Thinking

    By Clem | In General Musings, Personal Training, Physiotherapy | on January 12, 2016

    Another year rolls on, 2015 is consigned to history and 2016 approaches with promise. 2016 is an even number year. Scientific studies have shown that throughout history the years which are even number years traditionally have the least amount of natural disasters (Lies et al. 2016). This obviously is bullshit. Some of you may have read […]

  • The ice bath is a tradition embedded in both sport and general society that is thought to cure all ills after a hard physical slog. The spate of ice bucket challenges last year exposed a lot more of the population to the experience and all for a good cause. As regular readers of this blog […]

  • Strength training for runners

    By Clem | In Personal Training | on June 28, 2015

    I work with a few runners as a personal trainer which at times has led to an awkward question that I seem to inadvertently bring up from time to time. “How are the runs going?” I ask. The reaction is usually one of puzzlement from the client and curious sympathy from passer-by’s wondering how my […]

  • Music makes the people come together. It also, apparently, mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel. Unfortunately for some, this blog entry is not just going to regurgitate Madonna’s greatest hits. Today I’m looking at what research says about the effects of music on exercise and performance. When I get in a gym for a my […]

  • Happy Monday y’all! As punishment for my self-imposed hiatus from blogging over the past three months, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge to blog on a weekly basis until I start my next clinical placement in August. Big task but its for my own good. This past week I have launched my new blogging […]

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