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By Clem | In Stuff you should read | on October 24, 2016

It was a strange week last week. I spent last weekend in Ireland, home for the Clare county hurling final (ended in a draw). On the same day, the terrible news of the sudden passing of Anthony ‘Axel’ Foley sent the county, province, country and many in the world of rugby into mourning. His death made me initially think of how unimportant sport is when compared to life. The reaction to his death however made me realise that sport can have such a profound effect on people lives by bringing them together in good as well as bad times. Sport should not ever be thought of as a matter of life and death in the pursuit of victory but the last week has shown that sport itself is an integral part of our culture and a glue that binds us.

This weeks three articles include some awesome coaching from Ben Bruno, some great nutrition tips from Adam Bornstein and in a change from the norm, an article which should be read to get an idea of how not to write an article.

Ben Bruno’s Top Four Landmine Exercises

Consistency is vitally important in strength programming but adding variety is also important to keep clients from getting bored of the same lifts over and over again. Landmine exercises really do tick that variety box. I’ve had many clients initially think ‘piece of double chocolate cake, Clem’ when asking them to perform landmine exercises but this perception is soon found out. Ben is a great resource for ideas on landmine variations and here he provides four different videos for his favourite landmine movements. Thanks to Bret Contreras too for sharing.

The Deception of “Lose Weight Fast” Plans (And What You Can Do About It)

I have shared Adam’s stuff before so its no surprise that he’s a go to guy on non BS advice when it comes to nutrition for me. This article helps dispel some myths and tackles a few important topics around body type considerations, being too patient, weight loss calculators and more. Well worth a read if you find you are going around in circles with your fat loss attempts.

Common posture mistakes and fixes

I am certainly not recommending this article for good advice. This “advice” is anything but helpful. It implies that postures like slouching, standing with a flat back, standing sticking your bum out and standing with one leg forward are all going to cause pain. The point the authors bring up is that these posture “mistakes” create tension and improving your posture will lead to an alleviation in back pain. It’s very disappointing that a trusted institution like the NHS gives out such out dated, scientifically unsupported advice relating posture to pain. Science has heavily investigated this topic over the past few years/decades and found no relationship. It is also interesting that the authors stated claim is to avoid tension, when he/she advises people to remain in a “correct posture” as long as possible. How is this not creating even more tension?! Obviously this one gave me nightmares but I am sharing it here to give you an idea of the poor advice out there that is not only unhelpful but potentially detrimental for those trying to manage pain.

Until next time folks.

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