Building a gym on a budget

By Clem | In Personal Training | on October 17, 2016

Hi guys,

Early this year I helped out in the design and build of a gym in the west of Ireland in my home club of Clonlara. The club were looking to renovate a hand ball alley and provide a cost effective facility for the players to become bulletproof beasts/all Ireland winning hurlers.

The priorities were

  1. make maximum use of the limited space (17m x 7m) without packing too much in and closing off free space for members.
  2. ensure set up costs were low
  3. ensure maintenance costs were low
  4. ensure it is secure
  5. ensure a full team (20+ athletes) can train in the space together at once

The picture below gives you an idea of what we had to work with initially. Essentially a bare concrete floor, four walls and roughly 120 square metres.


Since the gym opened early this year, it has gone from strength to strength. The club is now developing a strength training culture which, as readers of this blog will know, has huge benefits for not just the sport in terms of injury reduction and performance improvements but also team bonding, stress relief and building self-confidence.

Many members of the club put in a huge effort to make the gym what it is so lots of credit goes to them.

Instead of my usual ramblings on here, I thought I would just give you a tour of the space.

The main suppliers that helped us out for equipment are below. They all come highly recommended.





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