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  • The ice bath is a tradition embedded in both sport and general society that is thought to cure all ills after a hard physical slog. The spate of ice bucket challenges last year exposed a lot more of the population to the experience and all for a good cause. As regular readers of this blog […]

  • Mindfulness & Buddify app review

    By Clem | In Mindset | on July 15, 2015

    Stress is an ever present in life and some would say necessity in life to help us adapt. One thing is certain however, stress is a relative thing. The things that stress me out (like my university knocking on my door looking for fee’s making Tony Soprano look like Florence Nightingale) would seem trivial to […]

  • Quick and dirty smoothie tip

    By Clem | In Nutrition | on July 6, 2015

    Like a lot of people, when I was an ickle lad, I hated fruit and veg. Now however I love the stuff. The hard part however is getting enough of it into my daily diet. I’m always open to suggestion and quick fixes which is why the latest quick fix I have learned has knocked […]

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