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  • Clem: Pig in the City

    By Clem | In General Musings | on May 23, 2015

    In 2003 I was over half way through a degree in Information Technology at the University of Limerick. The degree was not much use to me as a Personal Trainer and Physiotherapist but the journey lead me to where I am today nonetheless. In the summer of 2003, I and a house mate of mine […]

  • Music makes the people come together. It also, apparently, mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel. Unfortunately for some, this blog entry is not just going to regurgitate Madonna’s greatest hits. Today I’m looking at what research says about the effects of music on exercise and performance. When I get in a gym for a my […]

  • Happy Monday y’all! As punishment for my self-imposed hiatus from blogging over the past three months, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge to blog on a weekly basis until I start my next clinical placement in August. Big task but its for my own good. This past week I have launched my new blogging […]

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